Art of looking in the Future: Psychics, Mystics and more

Future intrigues everyone. It's a part of human nature. Nearly everyone, once in their life, tried to look into it or think about it. We often wonder what if I knew this already. And then there are intuitions. Has it ever happened to you that you got an intuition, you followed it, or maybe didn't, and it actually happened? You were like, I knew it. I had the feeling. The answer is yes, I believe.

There are many ways we try to peek into the future. Horoscope, palm reading, Tarot cards etc. We believe in them at the same time we don't. We are biased as usual. When I let someone tell me my future, I believe it if the future is described as awesome. If not, "This is all scam".

Future telling originates from ancient time. Being an Indian, I have many stories and facts to tell about the topic. It's exciting and adventurous. You can actually learn the art and trust me I have tried. But it's tough, just like spirituality. There are lot of misguiding contents and very hard to find the needle (truth) in the haystack.

As a child I read about Rishi (Saint) Bhrigu. He was a master of future telling. He used the position of the celestial objects at the time of birth to predict future.  He was also a mathematician and was able to compile all the horoscopes (Past, present and future) of all humans on earth. The compilation was in the form of multiple manuscripts written on leaves and stored in "Nalanda University" of India, one of the first universities in the world. It is called Bhrigu Samhita.

in 1193, a turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji, invaded India and burnt the University and all the manuscripts, being envious of the knowledge of the monks there. It is said that it took 3 months to destroy the vast collection of knowledge in the University, the monks saved as many manuscripts as they can. Some part of Bhrigu Samhita is still present in Hoshiarpur District of India and people believe that it tells accurate future of those that can be found in that saved part of manuscript.

I have also visited researchers in the field of Palm reading. I was shocked to see the accuracy of their prediction about my past and future. It was off by 1 or 2 years but correct. Did you know that palm readers can also tell you about you nature, behavior,... basically you as a person in more depth? I didn't either but it's true.

Another fun fact, in India, people match horoscopes of Girl and the guy before marriage. It's believed that this will tell how the married life will be in the future and how compatible they are to each other.

I never had any experience with Tarot cards but I have less belief in that concept as cards are not tightly coupled to me as compared to my birth date or the lines on my palm. There are a lot of false and fake future tellers out there but if you look hard enough you might find something that will blow your mind.

On a lighter note, watch this video I made about Psychics. Its a funny story and fictional but just watch it, I wonder if you have anything better to do.

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