Treasure Island

Went to India for few days and made this with my cousins. They are all 18 years or younger with no film making experience. We used a Canon T3i and that's it. Made everything in one day.

The best part was my experience working with them. I loved watching them work, they were so excited and so happy to do this. All those night owls woke up early morning just for few hours of shoot. They were my crew, handled camera, mic, lights. Oh man, I would really encourage you to make something with kids and you will re-live every happy moment.

Treasure Island is like any other Hollywood adventure. Indiana Jones, National Treasure, Da Vinci Code, Goonies. The story was thought as we were filming. The props are mostly what the kids had in their closet. Made up names. Oh, did I tell you, it involves a Sorcerer stone, Just like in Harry Porter.

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